Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you handle?

From low-price consumables to cost-competitive innovative devices that bring clinically-proven benefits to patients and healthcare providers.

From devices and equipment for acute areas to products that are widely used throughout the hospital.

From recently launched new products to well-known medical and surgical devices.


What manufacturers do you work with?

From small-size manufacturers of medical devices to multinational companies wishing to enter the Italian market by lowering the financial burden associated with delayed payments from Italian hospitals.

From established manufacturers of consumables to start-ups of innovative medical and surgical equipment wanting to expand their international reach.  

From manufacturers aiming to expand their “distribution network” to companies wishing to implement a more cost-effective “indirect” selling organization.

We work with manufacturers of medical devices from all over the world, particularly from Europe, US, Japan, China and Brazil and our business grew substantially over the past couple of years thanks to extremely positive comments from satisfied customers that attracted new customers to us – as a matter of fact, the word of mouth from our customers has been a key feature of our success story.



What distributors do you work with?

From highly-specialized regional distributors focusing on a few therapeutic areas only to nation-wide distributors of large volumes of medical supplies able to meet all the needs of a hospital.

From distributors aiming to expand their business by broadening their product line to distributors wishing to increase their level of specialization by deepening their assortment and become “super specialists”.

From start-up distributors focusing on sales only to distributors with over 30 years of experience in selling and providing first-class maintenance service for highly-technological medical equipment.


What if we do not like any of the distributors presented to us?

It never happened to us so far, as we always helped our customers define a very detailed profile of the “ideal distributor” for the Italian market, and we have always being able to find several matches in our vast “proprietary database” of distributors.

However, if this happens, we will keep searching until we find distributors you like best.

What is your standard commission?

We do not have a standard commission, as each project is really unique, however we have always been able to find agreements of mutual benefits with all our customers, as we are open to any possible win-win opportunity.

As soon as we have enough information on your particular project, we can send you our proposal for an agreement and will be glad to review it with you after that.

We might also work on a commission calculated on top of your price list, so that your margin will not be lowered by it. Our commission will then be included in your price for the Italian market, which is, historically, a “premium-price market” for medical and surgical devices.


What is your standard consultancy fee?

We do not have a standard fee for the registration of the products in the Italian Database and Repertory for Medical Devices (RDM) as this project might greatly vary depending on many factors (i.e. complexity of the product and number of the products to register, availability of the documents requested for the registration or need to prepare them, CE mark registration, time-constraints for the completion of the registration, etc.).

For special assignments we will be able to send you a quote as soon as we have enough information on your particular project (i.e. market research, market seeding, etc.).


Are there any hidden expenses and/or liabilities we might incur in?

Not at all.

The expenses and liabilities you will incur in as a result of your work with us are only the ones clearly indicated on the agreements that you will be signing with us and with the distributors of the “customized distribution network” that we built for you.