Who we are

We are a Team of dedicated managers and professionals with extensive experience in business development, sales, marketing and operations in the medical device industry in Italy and abroad.


We spent the last 30 years starting up new businesses and building new distribution networks primarily for foreign manufacturers of medical devices aiming to enter or expand their business in Italy.


Therefore, we have the experience in doing business with manufacturers of medical devices from all over the world, particularly from Europe, US, Japan, China and Brazil and we have, of course, a deep knowledge of all the requirements and processes needed to market new medical and surgical devices in Italy.


In other words, we know exactly what you need to sell your products in Italy and we can help you do this as effectively as possible.


Thanks to our contacts with hundreds of distributors and sales reps who literaly spent their life selling medical devices and equipment to Italian hospitals, we can build up your “customized distribution network” in a matter of a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your product and the geographic reach you would like to achieve with it.


As a result of our passion, dedication, knowledge, experience and high standards of work, we have been already able to successfully launch more than 200 new products with total revenue in excess of 900 million since 2004.