How we do it

We have been building a “proprietary database” of Italian distributors of medical devices for many years, and we keep adding new distributors to it every day.


We profile distributors according to a set of criteria (i.e. product knowledge, sales and technical organization, geographic reach, reputation, sales performance, etc.) that, based on our experience, are predictive of superior business performance in our industry. We also routinely monitor our distributors’ performance, so that only the ones that keep matching our standards over time remain in our database.


Therefore, once you let us have the profile of your “ideal distributor”, we just need to look up in our database, find the right matches and let you choose the ones that will eventually become members of  your “customized distribution network”.


Then, after you have chosen the distributors you want to work with, we assist you in drafting, negotiating and signing distribution agreements with them.


In order to keep you updated of any development of your business in Italy, you will receive weekly reports from  us, and we will always assist you in any decisions and corrective actions you wish to take.


Upon your request, we can also organize conference calls and meetings with your Italian distributors to review sales results and exchange information on new products that you might be about to launch, so that everyone is fully aware of the latest developments and we can pick everyone’s brains for the most appropriate decisions.


Project, agreement, commissions and fees


Once we have clearly defined and agreed upon all the elements of the project for building and running a “customized distribution network”, an agreement between us will be signed off.


We work mainly on commissions, so there is no up-front payment for you to begin your project with us.


Our commissions will be calculated on your sales to distributors of the “customized distribution network” that we built for you.


Therefore, you will only have to be paying commissions to us if you will actually be selling your products to Italian distributors. This way, you run no risk whatsoever and you can be assured that we will do our best to get your “customized distribution network” as successful as possible.


We work on consultancy fees too, primarily for the registration of your products in the Italian Database and Repertory for Medical Devices (RDM) and for special assignments (i.e. market research, market seeding, etc.), however we prefer long-term business relationships to both benefit from our win-win collaboration.