Why Italy Health

We register your products


We register your products in the Italian Database and Repertory of Medical Device (RDM) so they can be supplied to Italian Hospitals.


We will put you in contact with your registration provider that will take care of the registration process and we will assist you in each and every step until the registration of your products is completed.


If your products are not CE marked yet, which is a pre-requisite for the registration in the RDM, our registration provider will also take care of it by working with a Notified Body that will provide CE mark registration to your products according to the European Directives.


This way, for all your needs relative to registrations (CE mark and/or RDM), you will only have one single point of contact – your registration provider – that will take care of everything you need to this end. And we will, of course, be supervising and monitoring the full process, from A to Z.


We find your distributors


There are approximately 3.000 distributors of medical devices in Italy.


We have been starting up new businesses and building up new distribution networks in the medical device industry in Italy for the last 30 years. We have contacts with hundreds of distributors and sales reps with extensive experience in selling medical devices and equipment in Italy.


In fact, our most successful projects always include a combination of regional distributors and sales reps to ensure the best coverage of the country.


Based on your profile of the “ideal distributor”, we can build your own “customized distribution network” to suit your needs (see How we do it).

We manage your “customized distribution network”


We have been working with Italian distributors for over 30 years and we know exactly what it takes to effectively drive sales through an “indirect sales organization” in Italy.


By letting us manage your distribution network on your behalf, you have the benefit of having “local experts” dealing with your “local distributors”. Language and cultural barriers disappear, with the waste of time and costs usually associated with it, to focus on the business opportunities only.

You achieve your business objectives


Your “customized distribution network”, under our management and your supervision, will achieve your sales objectives faster and easier.


Again, we know what it takes in Italy to achieve outstanding sales results in the medical device industry, as we have already done this and we do it every day.

You can benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience and expand your business in the 4th largest market for medical devices in Europe and 7th in the world with no up-front payments and no risks whatsoever.


And by helping you achieve your business objectives, we will also be able to achieve ours, as our revenue comes from commissions calculated on your sales to distributors we helped you find, therefore you can be assured that we will do our best to make your Italian “customized distribution network” as successful as possible.