What we do

We find your distributors


We start by asking you to send us the profile of your “ideal distributor” and information on your products to share with our distributors under a confidentiality agreement. We are prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement with you too, if you wish so.


Based on your inputs, we look up in our proprietary database with hundreds of Italian distributors of medical and surgical devices and find the right matches for your “customized distribution network”.


Depending on the device, we might ask you to send us some samples and we might consider forwarding them to potential distributors too, once agreed upon with you, so they can better understand the market opportunity for your products in their own territories. All your samples will be returned to you upon your request, of course.


We will then send you profiles of Italian distributors that match your needs, and you just need to pick the ones you want to work with. Once you let us know their names, we will add our comments and additional information, if needed, to let you take your best decision.


Once the list is finalized, you send us a distribution agreement for the distributors you have chosen and after forwarding your distribution agreement to them, we will assist you in the negotiation process until the distribution agreement is inked by both parties.



We have been doing this for several years now and we know exactly what it takes to reach long-lasting agreements between foreign manufacturers of medical devices and Italian distributors, by preventing and dealing with any possible issues that might happen along the way, as a result of different languages, cultures, laws, business practices and habits.


This way, in a matter of a few weeks your “customized distribution network” will be up and running paving the way for your success in Italy (see How we do it).