What we do

We manage your “customized distribution network”


One thing is to have a “customized distribution network” in place, another is to make the most out of it. A good car is not enough to get to your destination. You need a good driver too.


That’s why we think that our job does not stop there. Yet we believe that that’s just the beginning of our partnership to make your Italian business successful.


In fact, once built up, we recommend you to let us manage your “customized distribution network” so that you can achieve your business objectives faster and easier. We have been working with Italian distributors for over 30 years and we know exactly what it takes to effectively drive their selling activity towards challenging objectives. 


By letting us manage your distribution network, under your supervision, you have the benefit of having “local experts” dealing with your “local distributors”. Language and cultural barriers disappear with the waste of time and costs usually associated with them, to focus on the business opportunities only.


The first 4-6 months are critical for the successful launch of your products in Italy.


And this is the time you need to make sure that your Italian distributors focus on your products as much as they possibly can, by calling on potential customers, making good product presentations, participating to bid tenders and closing sales every single day.


Successful distributors usually have a bag full of good products and, most importantly, are always busy. Therefore your products will have to compete with others to get the time and the attention they deserve. To this end, you will have to work day in day out with each and every of your distributors to make sure that they always have all they need to do their job as good as they possibly can (i.e. samples, information, marketing materials, etc.).


As “local managers” of your “customized distribution network” this is exactly what we do – we make sure that nothing gets in the way for your distributors to sell your products as much as they possibly can.  And with our weekly reports on your business in Italy, you will always be up to speed on what is going on here.